Massage Parlours Burnley Brow OL1

It was a typical grey day in Burnley Brow OL1, the rain had been coming down steadily since noon and the pavement outside was slick and wet. Inside, the warm and inviting atmosphere of one of the local massage parlours was a welcome respite from the cold and damp outside.

This massage parlour was well known in the area and had been operating for a few years. As soon as you entered, you could feel a sense of peace and tranquillity and it was an ideal place to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

As the door opened, the smell of incense and citrus filled the air, and you could hear the soothing music that was playing in the background. The walls were adorned with exotic paintings of various massage techniques and the floor was covered in beautiful patterned carpets.

You were warmly greeted by the receptionist and you were invited to take a seat as you waited for your appointment. The reception area was comfortable and relaxing, and it was the perfect place to unwind and relax before your session began.

When it was time for your massage, you were taken to a private room, which was pertiously screened off from the rest of the parlour. Inside the room, you were greeted by the masseuse, who introduced herself as “Kim” and asked you to be seated on the massage table.

The massage parlour’s speciality was in sex-massage, and Kim was highly experienced in providing a wide range of erotic massage techniques. She started by massaging your back, shoulders and thighs, and then moved on to your private parts, including your genitals. Kim offered a variety of pleasurable touches, both soft and hard, and she was careful to use the right amount of pressure in the right places to ensure maximum pleasure.

Kim then moved on to your buttocks, using her fingers to massage and caress the area. As her hands moved with incredible skill, you could feel the excitement build within you and you could feel the anticipation of what was to come next.

Kim then applied oil to your genital area and began to massage your penis with her hands and her mouth. The sensation is one of the most intense forms of pleasure you have ever experienced and you found yourself becoming increasingly aroused.

After a few minutes, Kim moved back up onto the massage table and began to perform various erotic massage techniques, including light spanking, massage with her breasts and other forms of sensual touching. She also used her hands and mouth to stimulate all the sensitive areas on your body, and it wasn’t long before you were in a state of complete sexual arousal.

Kim then began to use her body to massage you, and the sensation was absolutely incredible. You had never experienced such pleasure before and you could feel yourself getting close to reaching orgasm. As your orgasm approached, Kim used her mouth and hands to push you over the edge and you experienced an intense and satisfying release.

When the massage had finished, you thanked Kim for the incredible experience and you left the parlour feeling relaxed, satisfied and revitalised. The experience had been one of the most pleasurable and intense you had ever experienced and you vowed to return to the massage parlour in Burnley Brow OL1 again in the future.