Massage Parlours Cann Hall E11

I had been looking forward to my day off from work for weeks. I had booked an appointment at Massage Parlours Cann Hall E11, a local massage parlour, and was eagerly anticipating being able to relax and get some pleasure from the various services they had to offer.

I arrived at the parlour and was amazed at the facilities. From the modern and inviting reception area to the luxurious massage rooms. Everything was to a very high standard and made me feel like a VIP! I was offered a selection of drinks and snacks which I was happy to accept and while I waited to be taken to my massage room I couldn’t help but marvel at the place.

Once in my massage room, I was taken through a brief consultation process where I was asked what my preferences were, I had already decided I wanted to try out the Nuru massage. I was taken through a step-by-step introduction to the massage and given the choice of several different oils to use. The masseuse was attentive and professional and it felt like I had finally found the right place to relax and enjoy a massage.

The Nuru massage was a pleasure and extremely relaxing. I felt the massage therapist’s hands working their magic into my aching muscles and after a few minutes, I was feeling completely relaxed. The therapist used pressure points to give me pleasure and relaxation that went far beyond a simple massage.

By the time the Nuru massage had finished I was feeling incredibly aroused and if I’m honest, I was hoping that my massage therapist would offer some kind of sex massage. Fortunately, this was something that Massage Parlours Cann Hall E11 specialised in and I was not disappointed. After a few more tender and intimate moments, I was asked if I would like a sex massage and I eagerly accepted.

The sex massage was amazing! I felt my body opening up to the pleasure of its sensations and feeling aroused. During the massage, I was gently touched, caressed and explored and I could feel the pleasure radiating through every part of my body. I felt myself reach an intense climax as my masseuse explored more intimate areas and moved her hands around my body. After the massage was finished, I felt completely different – relaxed, happy and incredibly satisfied.

I left Massage Parlours Cann Hall E11 feeling blissful and without a doubt I will be returning for another massage soon. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a massage don’t hesitate to visit Massage Parlours Cann Hall E11. You won’t regret it!