Massage Parlours Chelsea SW3

It was a sunny day in Chelsea SW3 and I was making my way to a massage parlours on the main street. I had heard stories about some of the services the massage parlours offered and I was curious to see for myself. I was feeling rather naughty and the thought of having a massage with some naughty extras was very appealing.

When I arrived at the massage parlours I was greeted warmly by the receptionist. She told me all about their services and the different girls who worked there. It was clear they offered more than just a normal massage, they also provided sex massage, erotic massage, Thai massage, Nuru massage and adult massage. I was a bit nervous but I was also excited by the thought of exploring my naughty desires.

Once I had selected a girl and we had gone upstairs to the massage room I was very relieved. The massage parlours was clean and inviting. The girl was beautiful and had a very nice figure. Her name was Maria and she was very friendly and accommodating.

We began with a regular massage and I felt Maria’s soft hands on my body. I could feel her touch arousing me and I began to fantasize about what else was possible. Maria then asked me what extras I wanted, I felt a bit embarrassed but I asked her for a sex massage. She smiled and said she could provide that.

I lay on the massage table and felt my arousal growing as Maria massaged my body. She started with my back and then moved down to my buttocks and thighs. Her touch was gentle but firm and I knew I was in for a naughty treat.

Maria then moved on to my penis and I felt a wave of pleasure as she massaged it. I felt my arousal grow and I asked her to give me some oral pleasure. She willingly obliged and I soon felt my pleasure rising to its peak.

Once my orgasm had subsided I thanked Maria for her services. I had really enjoyed my experience at the massage parlours and knew I would be back for more naughty fun. I thanked the receptionist on my way out and could feel a naughty grin spread across my face.

I had discovered that massage parlors in Chelsea SW3 offered much more than just a regular massage. From sex massage to erotic massage to Thai massage, Nuru massage and adult massage, there was something for everyone. If you’re looking for a naughty treat, then massage parlours in Chelsea SW3 are definitely worth a visit.