Massage Parlours Chessington KT9

It was my first time visiting a massage parlours in Chessington, KT9. I had done some research, read reviews and grown an idea of what to expect. I had chosen this particular venue as it was close by and had been recommended by a friend.

Upon arriving at the massage parlours, I noticed a sign for the adult service, though I decided to ignore it, at least for now. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who showed me to the changing rooms and handed me a towel. I was a little taken aback, as she had assumed I was here for the ‘adult’ services. I explained that I was only here for a massage and she gave me a knowing look before leading me to the relaxing treatment room.

The room was filled with calming music and the soft lighting was enough to make me feel relaxed right away. I had chosen a traditional Thai massage, which started with the therapist kneading my muscles with her thumbs, before transitioning to the traditional stretching movements.

The entire experience was incredibly pleasing and effective – I felt like I had been completely at ease for the entire duration of the massage, something I had never felt before.

As the massage came to an end, however, the massage therapist began to gently touch my inner thighs – an unexpected but exciting development. She then propositioned me to add a more erotic or sensual element to the massage, even hinting that a sexual service was available.

The prospect of taking the massage one step further was incredibly tempting. I had never experienced a massage of this kind before and I was eager to do something a little different. I asked the therapist to continue and soon we had moved beyond just a traditional massage to something a lot more erotic.

The massage was intense and sensual, as she explored my body and massaged every inch with her hands, lips and fingers. We then moved onto sex, which was an even more intense experience. The therapist performed various positions and techniques, leaving me feeling completely pleased.

Afterwards, I felt invigorated and refreshed, as if the massage had allowed me to let go of all my stress and worries. I thanked the massage therapist and left the massage parlours feeling very satisfied with my experience.

I would highly recommend the massage parlours experience at Chessington, KT9, as it was truly an unforgettable experience. Not only was the massage incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, but the masseuse was also very welcoming and personable. I will definitely be returning for more massages in the future!