Massage Parlours Elmers End BR3

It was a chilly evening in Elmers End, BR3 when I decided to take a chance and visit a massage parlor. I had heard stories of older women giving sex massages and wanted to see if they were true.

I arrived at the massage parlor and found it to be quite inviting. There was a variety of plants and trees in the front yard, giving it a homey feel, and the lights along the entrance were inviting. I was welcomed as I walked through the door and taken to a small room that had a massage table.

The woman who welcomed me was an older woman, with an inviting smile. She didn’t speak English, but explained that she would be giving me a massage and started by having me lie down on my stomach. She had me remove my clothing and began to massage my back.

At first, the massage was quite therapeutic, with the woman using her hands to knead my back and shoulder muscles. However, after a short while, the massage began to take a decidedly erotic turn. She started to fondle my back, rubbing and caressing my skin in a way I had never felt before. It felt so good that I could feel my body threatening to become aroused. Fearful that I might offend her, I tried to remain still and let the sensations take over.

She moved to the front of my body and began to massage my legs, working her way up to my inner thighs. I gasped at her touch and felt the heat radiating from my body. I wanted to touch her, but I knew that I shouldn’t. I kept my hands by my sides and let her work her magic.

Eventually, my breathing became more labored, and my body was trembling with pleasure. She moved to my chest and began massaging my breasts, making circles around my nipples with her fingers. I felt a rush of pleasure course through my body as her hands caressed my curves. I was so aroused that I started to moan with pleasure.

When she finished the massage, I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me. I thanked her for the massage and was about to leave when she suggested that I stay for a longer session. I agreed, and soon I was lying on the massage table with her arms touching every part of my body.

The massage was incredible, and I felt like I was in a trance, lost in a world of pleasure and relaxation. I experienced a variety of sensations, from deep pressure to gentle caresses. I shuddered with pleasure as the massage ended and thanked her again.

As I left the massage parlor, I felt truly relaxed and content. I had experienced something very special that night, and I knew that I would never forget my experience. The massage parlors Elmers End BR3 had provided me with a unique and sensual experience that I will never forget.