Massage Parlours Elstree Park WD6

It was an evening which promised the ultimate pleasure. I had booked myself into Massage Parlours Elstree Park WD6, the hottest massage parlour in the city, for a wild night of sex massage. I was feeling incredibly aroused as I walked through the door, and my anticipation was only heightened when I saw the plethora of gorgeous women available for hire.

I took my time browsing the selection of girls, each one a perfect specimen of femininity. Eventually I settled on a beautiful Thai girl with porcelain skin and curves that promised exotic pleasures. We exchanged small smiles before I handed over my payment and she lead me back towards her room.

As the door closed behind us I was hit by a wave of delight, the perfumed smells of incense and massage oils filling the air. She gently pushed me onto the bed before starting to remove my clothes, her hands tracing my body as she led me deeper into a state of ecstasy. As she began to massage my body with her lips, she worked her way down to my inner thighs, each brush of her tongue sending waves of pleasure through me.

After a few minutes, I felt her body begin to contort and her hands reach out to my face. She guided me towards her and I felt my heart race as she pulled me into her body and kissed me deeply. Together we explored each other’s souls, our tongues entwined as I felt her body tremble with pleasure.

She then moved away, slowly disrobing as she moved to kneel in front of me. I felt her hands reach out and gently take hold of my manhood and then my body was flooded with pleasure as she slowly began to massage it. She moved her hands up and down the length of it, her touch so light that I found it hard to contain myself.

The massage lasted for what felt like an eternity, each moment passing in an endless sensation of pleasure so intense that I began to moan and scream with pleasure. Eventually, our time together ended and I was left feeling completely spent.

I stumbled out of the massage parlour, tears of joy streaming down my face. I had just experienced the most intense erotic massage of my life, one I would never forget. Massage Parlours Elstree Park WD6 had given me the night of my life, and I had every intention of returning for more!