Massage Parlours Enfield Wash EN3

Massage Parlours Enfield Wash EN3: A Sex Massage Story

It was a hot summer night when I stepped into the massage parlour at Enfield Wash EN3. The walls were covered with luxurious fabrics, and a faint smell of incense tickled my nose. I felt immediately welcomed and relaxed, not only by the décor, but also by the friendly smiles from the staff.

I was led to a private room and told that I would be receiving a sex massage. My therapist, a petite woman wearing a suggestive see-through robe, smiled reassuringly. She spoke with a gentle voice, soothing me as I nervously took off my clothes.

Sitting on the massage bed, I felt my body temperature rise as the therapist’s hands moved across my body. I was mesmerized by the sensual touch of her fingers, exploring my body in a way I had never experienced before. Her movements left me in an almost trance-like state.

I felt my skin heat up as her hands moved further down my body. The massage continued, as she teased and pleasured me as she moved across my body, alternating between soft and firm touches.

I was very aroused by the whole experience and the sensations only intensified when the therapist moved her hands lower. She began to massage my inner thighs and then my genitals, making me gasp with pleasure. The massage then intensified, as she explored and pleasured me with every stroke and caress.

The sensations were so intense that I lost all sense of time as I experienced wave after wave of pleasure. I felt my body quiver and tremble, trembling with pleasure and desire. Finally, I reached the climactic point, experiencing a powerful and pleasurable orgasm.

Finally, the massage was over, and I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated. As I walked out of Massage Parlours Enfield Wash EN3, I couldn’t help but wonder what other kinds of erotic massage experiences awaited me. I knew that I would definitely be coming back for more.