Massage Parlours Fern Bank SK15

Everyone had heard about Massage Parlours Fern Bank SK15 before, but no one had any idea what it entailed. Word on the street was that it was a place where fantasies came true, where you could live out all your wildest desires. So it was no surprise when a friend suggested we check it out.

We arrived at the parlour, which was nestled in a quiet suburban street. We felt out of place amongst all the suburban families, and were a little nervous about what we were about to walk into. We were greeted warmly, and ushered into the main hall. It was a large, open space filled with comfortable chairs, low lighting and soft music. We were asked to relax, and then were introduced to our masseuse, a beautiful woman with a sleek, toned body and knowing eyes.

We were asked to select a massage type, and we chose their exotic, erotic massage. This type of massage involved more than just massage techniques, but also incorporated different sexual activities. We were both eager to explore, so we decided to try it out.

The masseuse instructed us to strip down to our underwear, and then began to massage us. Her hands moved skilfully, as if she knew exactly where to press and how much pressure to apply. We felt every muscle in our body relax and let go, gradually surrendering to her hands.

As the massage progressed, the movements became more sensual, and we could feel the tension between us build. She moved around our bodies, making sure that we felt special and desired. We both became aroused and our breath deepened as her hands explored our bodies.

The masseuse then suggested that we try one of the more naughty massage techniques. She introduced us to Nuru, a type of slippery massage that entailed both of us being completely nude. We eagerly agreed and lay on the cushions, covered in a fragrant and warm oil.

The sensation was incredible, our bodies melting into the cushions, becoming almost one. We explored each other, our hands moving in tandem with the movement of the oil. It was like nothing either of us had ever experienced before, and it ignited a fire within us that we never knew existed.

We moved together, our bodies in perfect harmony, each touch sending a wave of pleasure through our bodies. We explored each other and discovered things we never knew before. We both found ourselves aroused and passionate, as if the massage had opened up a doorway to a place we never knew existed.

When the massage came to an end, we both lay exhausted but satisfied. We lay there for a moment, before getting up and getting dressed. As we left, we heard the masseuse whisper ‘anytime you want to come back, we can make all your fantasies come true’.

We left Massage Parlours Fern Bank SK15 feeling totally relaxed and totally satisfied. We had experienced something new, something special, and we would definitely be back for more.