Massage Parlours Gallows Corner RM3

It was a hot summer night in the London Borough of Havering, and I was on my way to the notorious Massage Parlour Gallows Corner RM3. The area was known for its seedy reputation, full of escorts and prostitutes, and I was quite excited to explore the area and experience its offerings.

The massage parlour Gallows Corner RM3 was a place I had heard about from some friends who had been there before. They described it as a haven of pleasure, with a variety of massage services, from thai massage to nuru and even a few more risque activities. It sounded like my kind of place and I was keen to find out whatwent on behind the doors.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The outside was unmarked and unassuming but the inside was clean, well lit and surprisingly comfortable. There was a receptionist who welcomed me and asked me to fill out a form before pushing a buzzer and letting me through to the main area.

Once inside I was met by a variety of women. There were prostitutes, escorts, milfs and gilfs, mature women, anal and gfe services,hookups, call girls, and even blowjobs on offer. Of course, safety was a priority, and I was given a safe word to use in case I ever felt uncomfortable.

The massage parlour Gallows Corner RM3 had something for everyone, and I quickly found myself enjoying the experience. I had my first massage with a beautiful Thai masseuse and it was a truly incredible experience. Her hands expertly massaged my body and her body seemed to be able to read my every need.

Next, I tried the nuru massage. This was a slippery, sensual massage that was the perfect way for me to relax after a busy day. My masseuse seemed to intuitively know where and how to touch me and the experience was truly unforgettable.

Finally, I decided to try a few of the more risque activities on offer. I had a threesome with two of the call girls, and it was an amazing experience. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and satisfied.

When I left the massage parlour Gallows Corner RM3 I realized why my friends had raved about it so much. The massage parlour was a true den of pleasure, with something for everyone. I walked away with a smile on my face and the knowledge that I had just experienced the best massage of my life.