Massage Parlours Grange Park N21

It was my first time visiting a massage parlour, and I was both excited and nervous. I’d heard stories about what went on behind the closed doors in these types of establishment, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it. I had come to Massage Parlours Grange Park N21 in search of some sexual release, and I was determined to get it.

I entered the massage parlour, and immediately all my senses were assaulted by the strange sights, smells, and sounds. There was a heavy musky smell in the air, and there was a faint hint of incense burning. The walls were adorned with erotic paintings and photographs of scantily clad women. In the middle of the large room there was a massage table, and several couches where customers could rest and wait for their appointment.

The woman behind the reception desk greeted me warmly, and I felt my anxiety dissipate slightly. I was relieved that the woman seemed professional and friendly. She asked me what kind of experience I wanted, and I told her I was interested in a sex massage. She gave me a curious look and asked me if I was sure. I nodded, and she smiled and told me to take a seat while she contacted the masseuse.

After a few moments a woman dressed in a tight-fitting bodysuit entered the room. She had an exotic beauty, and I was instantly drawn to her. She told me her name was Yuka, and she began to demonstrate the different massage techniques she offered to her clients. She touched my body lightly, and I shivered with pleasure. I felt my body relax as she kneaded my muscles, and I gradually felt my inhibitions melt away.

Yuka then told me to undress and lay face down on the massage table. She then proceeded to massage me with oil, and with each touch I felt my arousal growing. She moved her hands around my body in a sensual way, and before I knew it I was completely aroused. She then began to use her body to massage me, and I felt her soft skin against my own.

Yuka then offered me oral sex, and I eagerly accepted. I felt her warm mouth and tongue caress my body as she pleasured me, and before long I was completely lost in pleasure. Finally, I experienced a powerful orgasm, and I felt my body shudder with pleasure.

When the massage was over, I thanked Yuka for the wonderful experience and left Grange Park N21 feeling satisfied. I knew I had found something special in this massage parlour, and I would definitely be back.