Massage Parlours Great Orton CA5

Massage Parlours Great Orton CA5

Liz was excited as she drove out to the massage parlor in Great Orton CA5. She had heard many tales of the quality of massage they offered, and she had been looking forward to experiencing it for herself.

The massage parlor was quite unassuming from the outside and not particularly glamorous, but when she stepped inside, she was impressed with how warm, inviting and calming it was. The polite and friendly receptionist greeted her warmly and kindly. He took a few moments to ask some basic questions about her style of massage and experience before showing her around the place.

The massage parlor was decorated in a tasteful and luxurious manner, with stunning velvet curtains and comfortable designer furniture. She then proceeded to take a tour of the various massage rooms. All of them were tastefully designed and calming, with soothing music playing in the background. The massage beds were made out of the finest leather and comfortable mattresses.

After her tour, Liz proceeded to get changed into the provided massage gear. She felt oddly relaxed as she stepped into the massage room. The atmosphere was peaceful and calming. The therapist who had been assigned to her greeted her warmly and kindly and explained the various massage routines they could offer.

Liz chose the “deep tissue massage”, which focused on relieving muscle tension and improving circulation. She lay down and the therapist proceeded to massage her entire body. He used the perfect amount of pressure, which aided in her relaxation.

Liz felt as though all of her worries and stress had been massaged away. Next, the therapist moved on to the reflexology massage, which aimed to stimulate different points on her feet and hands. This was especially pleasant as it combined the use of oils and massage techniques.

Finally, Liz was offered a simple facial massage which worked to soothe, nourish and relax her. The massage parlor had done a fantastic job on her. For the first time in a long time, Liz felt truly relaxed and pampered.

After her massage, the therapist presented Liz with an alcoholic beverage which she gladly accepted and sipped on during her time inside the massage parlor. She eventually left feeling more refreshed and relaxed than before.

Liz had enjoyed her experience and she knew she would be returning to Massage Parlours Great Orton CA5 for more massages in the near future. She felt like she had found her new go-to spot and she would definitely be recommending it to her friends and family.