Massage Parlours Hampton Wick KT1

It was a glorious spring day in the London suburb of Hampton Wick KT1 and what better way to enjoy it then by visiting the local massage parlour.

The place was surprisingly inviting, with its muted purple walls, low music playing quietly in the background, and a large inviting couch. I was approached warmly by the receptionist who offered me a selection of massage services ranging from Thai, Nuru, to full body. I chose an erotic massage, and was taken to a private room.

Once inside the room, my masseuse asked me to undress and lay on the bed. She used warm oil on my body, rubbing it in sensual circles with her hands. She then used her elbows and forearms to knead in the oil, focussing on the knotted muscles in my back.

The massage wasn’t just a physical experience, though. I could feel the sexual energy radiating off of my masseuse as she brushed against me. Her hands would slide up and down my body, skirting around the edges of my erogenous zones.

I was in heaven.

Once my massage was finished, my masseuse asked if I would like to explore her other services. She told me she offered both straight and lesbian sex, but that I could also pay for a more intimate experience. I chose the latter and we went through to a separate room.

Once again, my masseuse asked me to undress before she got naked. She began with a slow and gentle body massage, paying special attention to my erogenous zones. She then moved around to my front and started to give me a sensual handjob, before moving on to oral sex.

The entire experience was incredibly erotic and exciting. I felt like I was in another world, one where I could forget about everything else and just enjoy the pleasure that was being offered to me.

When it was all over, my masseuse and I shared a few drinks and a chat before I had to leave. I thanked her for an amazing experience and promised to come back soon.

Since that day, I’ve been visiting massage parlours Hampton Wick on a regular basis. The pleasure that I experience there is indescribable, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.