Massage Parlours Hesket Newmarket CA7

Massage Parlours Hesket Newmarket CA7

It had been a long day for Phillip, and he was looking forward to a relaxing evening at home. He had been working hard all day, and his muscles were aching and in need of a good massage. As he drove home, he decided to stop off at Massage Parlours Hesket Newmarket CA7, which he had heard good things about. As he walked in, he was met with a pleasant-looking receptionist, who welcomed him warmly and asked him what kind of massage he was looking for.

Phillip explained that he was looking for a deep-tissue massage and the receptionist smiled and nodded in understanding. She then ushered him into a private massage room, where he undressed and lay on the massage bed. The masseuse then arrived and quickly set about her task of giving Phillip a much needed massage. She used her fingers and palms to apply pressure to his neck, shoulders, and arms, which had been sore from his work earlier in the day.

The masseuse then moved down to his legs and back, making sure to apply just the right amount of pressure to each muscle group. She then used her knuckles to further target the knots in his back and legs, digging into them deeply with just the right amount of pressure. Phillip felt pain and pleasure at the same time, as the masseuse worked through his body, leaving him feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Once the massage was finished, the masseuse then asked Phillip if he would also like a massage with a happy ending. surprised by the request, Phillip hesitated, but finally agreed to the idea, as he had been feeling extremely relaxed and this seemed like a good way to end a perfect massage session.

The masseuse then began to massage his body sensually, using light strokes and soft caresses. She moved her hands up and down his body, exploring every inch of it and making Phillip feel very aroused. She then moved onto his penis, rubbing it and stroking it gently, until Phillip could no longer stand it and came spectacularly. After the massage was over, Phillip thanked the masseuse for the excellent massage and the happy ending. He then made his way home feeling completely relaxed and refreshed.