Massage Parlours High Longthwaite CA7

Massage Parlours High Longthwaite CA7

John had always been curious about massage parlours since they were quite common in the High Longthwaite area. He had never had the courage to go in before, but when he received an invitation to Massage Parlours High Longthwaite CA7, he ventured forth and experienced one of the most enjoyable nights of his life.

When he arrived, he instantly felt invited, relaxed and at ease. The large, airy room was filled with aromatherapy candles, soft music and a selection of magazines and books. It was easy for him to get comfortable and stay for the duration.

The masseuse started by giving him a sensual body massage using her warm hands. She kneaded each area of his body from head to toe, giving special attention to his back and shoulders. As she worked, he felt himself melting away into a peaceful state of relaxation. While she moved her hands in circles around his body, he closed his eyes and felt all of his stress, worries and inhibitions melting away.

After the massage was completed, the masseuse suggested that he experience a massage of a different kind. She asked him to lie on the table, with his feet together, and then proceeded to slide his legs apart, and with oil, massage his inner thighs and the underside of his penis.

As she massaged and caressed the area, he felt an intense heat building in his groin, tingling through his entire body. His breathing deepened and his heart rate increased. She then massaged his chest, neck and shoulders before making a slow and gentle descent to his penis.

He was amazed at how good it felt to be so intimately touched by a stranger. His movement was just enough to show her what he wanted and with her expert knowledge, the pleasure kept increasing. By the time she finished, he was overwhelmed and couldn’t keep his hands off her. He was so overcome with pleasure and desire, he invited her to join him for dinner and drinks afterwards.

They spent the rest of the evening exploring each other, making love and enjoying each other’s presence. When they parted that night, they both felt differently about themselves, as they had been through something special and unique together.

John has since been back to the massage parlour a few times and enjoys the experience immensely. He now sees massages as a way to relax his body, mind and soul, and feels like he has a new appreciation for the intimate art of massage.