Massage Parlours High Lorton CA13

Massage Parlours High Lorton CA13

Heather had been working at Massage Parlours High Lorton CA13 for a few weeks now, and she had to admit she was enjoying it more than she ever thought she would. She had always been a bit of a prude when it came to sex and the related activities, so she was surprised to find herself getting so comfortable amidst the massage parlor’s atmosphere.

Heather could feel the eyes of the other women around the parlor ogling her as she made her way around, and the feeling was exciting and liberating. She was finding that she was becoming increasingly aroused by the attention, and it was turning her on even more than when she had first arrived.

The other girls were always kind and generous to Heather, letting her know that she was wanted and appreciated. They also made sure to make her feel like one of the group, even though she was a first timer at the massage parlor. With all the new attention, Heather was finding that she was blossoming into more of a sensual person.

At first, she was a bit uncomfortable when the other women asked her what kind of massage she wanted, but she quickly got over her embarrassment and started to enjoy the attention. She was soon requesting different types of massage and asking for more attention from the masseuses.

By the time Heather’s last day at the massage parlor had come around, she was no longer the same timid, prude girl she had been the first time she stepped into the parlor. She had changed into a confident, sensual woman who craved sexual attention.

Heather walked up to the front desk, welcomed warmly by the receptionist, and asked vigorously which masseuse she wanted to see today. She wanted somebody strong, experienced, and who knew how to indulge her burgeoning desires. Her request was met with laughter as the receptionist informed her that she was going to see Kira, the most experienced, most requested, and most famous masseuse in the parlor.

Kira was even more attractive in person than Heather had imagined, and she could feel her heart racing as soon as she saw the woman in front of her. Kira informed Heather that she’d be doing an advanced massage, and that she should be prepared for some new, exciting experiences.

Heather lay on the massage table, feeling anticipation and excitement race through her body. Kira began the massage in the usual way, but Heather could sense that she was going a bit deeper with her, exploring the depths of her body like she had never done before. She moaned softly as the masseuse pulled her closer and massaged her breasts, paying close attention to her nipples and listening keenly to her reactions.

The feeling was simply exquisite, and Heather felt as if she was melting into a puddle of pleasure as Kira continued her ministrations. Her touch was gentle, yet strong and confident, and soon Heather found her desire flaring up and her heart pounding like never before.

Kira pushed Heather to a level of arousal that she had never reached before, until she was writhing on the massage table in pleasure. Her body was shaking with anticipation, and Heather couldn’t help but beg Kira for more.

Finally, Kira pushed Heather over the edge, and the orgasm tore through her body like a wildfire. Heather’s senses reeled and her body felt electrified; she had never before experienced such sheer pleasure. As she lay there in the afterglow, she couldn’t help but feel grateful to Kira for introducing her to a world of pleasure that she’d never known before.

Heather was still a bit shy and embarrassed, but she was thrilled to have experienced an entirely new level of sexual pleasure, and she thanked Kira for the incredible massage. She made sure to schedule another session with Kira, feeling excited to have met such a talented, experienced masseuse.

Massage Parlours High Lorton CA13 had opened up a whole new world for Heather, a world of pleasure and sensuality that she had never known before. Now that she had experienced it, she was finding that she couldn’t get enough, and she had only just begun to explore all the different ways in which she could pleasure herself and others.