Massage Parlours High Walton CA22

Massage Parlours High Walton CA22

It had been a long day and all Rachel wanted was a good massage to take the edge off. She had heard about the massage parlours in High Walton CA22 and decided to give it a try. She was a little nervous about going somewhere new, but the thought of being pampered and having all her knots melted away was too tempting to pass up.

As soon as she arrived at the parlour, she was pleasantly surprised by how well-maintained the building was. From the outside, it was clear that the place had seen its fair share of business and the inside was just as inviting.

The walls were adorned with tasteful art and the furniture looked both comfortable and stylish. Rachel was ushered into one of the massage rooms, where she was asked to undress and lie down on the massage table. She did so, feeling a little uncomfortable at first, but soon she felt a wave of relaxation sweep over her body as the masseuse started working her magic.

The massage was soothing and tranquil, and as the masseuse worked her way around Rachel’s body, it felt like all of the stress from the day was melting away. Rachel found herself starting to drift off as the masseuse expertly massaged every inch of her body.

But then, to her surprise, the masseuse suddenly started to become more sensual and her movements become more suggestive. Rachel felt a stirring inside her and found herself wondering what else was in store. The masseuse straddled Rachel’s body, pushing further and further down until it got to the point where Rachel pleasured her significantly.

Now fully aroused and with the massage table becoming her playground, Rachel requested that the masseuse move her hands up to more sensitive areas. Rachel was shocked when the masseuse started to massage her inner thighs, before working her way up until her fingers arrived at her clitoris. Rachel felt as though she was dreaming, as the masseuse moved her fingers around and massaged sensitive areas she didn’t even know she had.

Rachel begged for more and the masseuse obliged by bringing Rachel to the brink of orgasm twice before switching her focus lower, pleasuring her with the lightest of touches. Every nerve in Rachel’s body was alive and she could barely contain her excitement as she experienced pleasure unlike anything she had felt before.

After what seemed like an eternity, Rachel finally came, her body trembling and limp as the masseuse continued her work. The experience had been so intense, Rachel was almost disappointed when the massage was over and the masseuse left the room. Rachel felt a little guilty as she got dressed, knowing that she had just experienced something that she could never explain to anyone else.

But deep inside, Rachel felt something she didn’t want to admit…she wanted to go back. She quickly made her appointment for the next day, knowing that she would never have enough of the pleasure the massage parlour had to offer.