Massage Parlours High Waverbridge CA7

Massage Parlours High Waverbridge CA7

The sun had long since gone down and the streets of High Waverbridge were teeming with people looking for various forms of entertainment. Amongst them, there was a small and relatively discrete massage parlour tucked between two nondescript buildings in an alleyway.

The massage parlour was owned by a woman of Korean descent named Moon Gao and catered to a variety of people from all walks of life. Inside the dark, but invitingly decorated lounge, there was a bright yellow ‘Welcome’ sign hanging from the ceiling. Moon Gao was seated at a desk, directly opposite a group of comfortable, but slightly worn armchairs.

At first glance, the massage parlour seemed to be a typical establishment, offering standard techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and hot stone therapies. However, upon closer inspection, one could discover that the parlour had another purpose – offer more intimate massage services.

The regular clients were men, who were happy to pay the premium rate for a service that went beyond the usual standard. These services, known as ‘special massages’, were much more intimate and involved a variety of sensations, caresses and fantasies.

The intimate services ranged from soap and oil massages, where the masseuse massaged the client with soap and oil, to the ultimate experience, which was a full body massage combined with a sensually erotic lap dance. However, careful consideration had to be taken into account so as not to cause offence as some of the clients had taken an oath to abstinence from sexual relations.

The services at the parlour catered for all tastes and budgets. Those with a more conservative nature could choose an intimate massage, full body massage or sensual massage and those with a more daring disposition could opt for something more exotic such as a fantasy massage, body sliding, shower fantasy or a role-playing shower fantasy.

For the slightly more adventurous, there were extra services that could be added to any massage – the Velvet Room, which featured a collection of toys and props, the Sensual VIP Room, which offered the more luxurious of amenities and the Tantric Suite which had hand-painted Shibari Japanese rope bondage walls.

On his latest visit to the massage parlour, John chose the Velvet Room, much to his delight. His masochistic tendencies were particularly aroused by the various toys, items of dominance and pleasure available and he soon became enthused with the idea of indulging his fantasies with a special massage.

John took charge of the massage, using the items in the room to heighten the physical release and build up an elemental passion that he felt could only be experienced within the constraints of a massage room. He felt a sensation of liberation as his fear dissipated and his body became relaxed.

The experience was one of the best of his life and he found that it didn’t just involve physical pleasure but had become a journey of self-discovery. The massage room gave him a space for experimentation and he learnt about himself as each experience revealed something new.

After what seemed like hours of pleasure, John reluctantly brought the experience to an end and with a sigh of contentment thanked Moon Gao for the incredible experience. He left the massage parlour fully satisfied and with an appreciation of the healing energy massage can bring.