Massage Parlours High Wray LA22

Massage Parlours High Wray LA22

It had been a long week of work and plans for the weekend had been on Emma’s mind all week. She had been planning a night out with her girlfriends and had decided to treat herself to a massage before their night started. She had heard about the massage parlours at High Wray LA22 and thought it would be a great way to get in the mood for a night of adventure. So, when she arrived at the massage parlours, she was already feeling anticipation in the air.

The massage parlour was dimly lit and the first thing that caught Emma’s attention was the aroma of incense and essential oils. Soft music was playing in the background and she could hear faint laughter coming from the several rooms that lined the walls. She was quickly approached by a friendly woman wearing a long black dress and a slightly amused expression.

The woman introduced herself as the head masseuse and started to tell Emma about the services that they offered. She explained that they had several massages available including deep tissue, Swedish, Thai and even tantric. Emma was eager to experience something new and so she decided to opt for the latter.

The massage parlor was more luxurious than she had expected and upon entering the massage room, Emma felt herself relax from the soothing music and sweet aromas that filled the air. The masseuse picked up she table and motioned for her to lay down. As Emma lay on the table, the masseuse draped a warm towel over her body and began to massage her body with gentle strokes and skilful fingertips.

Emma felt like she had entered a different world and was starting to feel a wave of arousal slowly rising in her body. As the woman made her way up Emma’s body, the sensations became stronger and stronger, until the masseuse reached her most sensitive areas.

Now feeling completely aroused and open, Emma allowed the woman to guide her through several tantric massage techniques. The intensity of the massage kept rising until Emma was writhing in pleasure and totally overcome with pleasure.

After what seemed like hours, the massage session was over and Emma reluctantly got up from the table and thanked the masseuse before leaving the parlour feeling refreshed and invigorated. For the rest of the day, she felt energized and alive as if she had just experienced something amazing. As she got ready for her night out, she felt like a new person, just in time for the adventure to begin.