Massage Parlours Hornsey N8

The sun was shining in the sky as I pulled my car up to the curb on Hornsey High Road. I had been there looking for the right place to get a massage and the Massage Parlours Hornsey N8 had caught my eye. I had read good reviews and was excited to check it out.

I stepped out of the car and stared up at the big, white facade of the massage parlour. The air was heavy with the smell of incense and the sound of Asian music played from hidden speakers. I felt strange and more than a little excited as I made my way up the steps to the front door.

Once inside I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who told me the different types of massage available. She said that I could choose either a Thai massage or an erotic massage. I decided to go with the erotic massage, as I had heard it was the most popular.

The receptionist told me to go to the changing room and put on the robe provided before going to the massage room. I changed in the changing room and looked around the boutique massage parlour with a growing sense of anticipation.

Once in the massage room I was greeted by a beautiful Asian girl in a skimpy outfit who introduced herself as Lola. She handed me a towel and asked me to lie on the table. I did as she said and then Lola started her massage.

At first her hands felt gentle as she worked her way up my arms and back, but as she progressed down my legs the massage became more and more intense. I could feel my body reacting to her touch, sinking deeper into the massage table as she worked her magic.

Soon enough she reached my thighs and I could feel her hands moving around my most intimate parts. It was an incredibly erotic sensation and I felt my body start to tingle in anticipation. But when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she reached inside me and suddenly I felt a totally different kind of pleasure surge through me.

Long after the massage was over I lay in the massage room feeling totally relaxed and yet still aroused. I thanked Lola and headed back to the reception with my heart still racing.

Afterwards, I left the massage parlours Hornsey N8 feeling incredible. I had enjoyed a totally new and different experience, one that I would never forget. And it wasn’t just the massage, it was the whole atmosphere of the massage parlour – the incense, the music, the Asian girls – that had left such an impression. For me, Massage Parlours Hornsey N8 had been the perfect place for a naughty and naughty massage.