Massage Parlours Hycemoor LA19

Massage Parlours Hycemoor LA19 had long been regarded as a haven of relaxation and pleasure. The secluded, clean and bright facility was always well staffed and the quality of service was always exemplary. Kat and her husband Mark had just relocated to Los Angeles and were looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate in the big city. After a night out exploring the nightlife, they stumbled across Massage Parlours Hycemoor LA19 and decided to give it a try.

Kat and Mark were quickly welcomed by a beautiful young receptionist with a warm smile, who gave them a quick tour of the facility and explained the services that were offered. After feeling very relaxed and at ease in their new surroundings, the couple made their way to one of the private massage rooms.

Once seated in the dimly lit massage parlour, Kat and Mark let the gentle music and scented candles take them away from the worries of the day and the excitement of the night. The soothing touch of the two masseuses was at once comforting and stimulating, as the skilled hands of the two ladies expertly scoured their way over the couple’s bodies.

Their bodies were slowly worked over as the masseuses used their experienced hands to make sure that each part of their bodies was stimulated, with firm pressure being applied in all the right places. Mark could feel his stress melting away as the soft and firm touches of the two ladies took him to a place of total relaxation.

After the massage was finished, the couple decided to take things to a whole new level and requested a different kind of service. They made use of the facilities’ extra services; sex toys, bondage equipment and a selection of adult entertainment. The two ladies adjusted their stances and performed a sensual dance that was highly erotic and provocative in every way, further heightening the couple’s desire for each other.

The ladies then took their turns to pleasure each other with a variety of sex toys, teasing and provoking each other until Kat and Mark were driven into an uncontrollable state of desire. Taking turns to drive one another to the brink of pleasure, the ladies performed an act that was both immensely satisfying and highly arousing.

After the ladies had finished their performance, the couple slowly made their way backto the main massage parlour to reflect on their session. They marvelled on how enjoyable their experience had been and thanked the two masseuses for their expertise and willingness to make the massage experience amazing.

Mark and Kat’s massage had been so pleasurable that they decided to visit Massage Parlours Hycemoor LA19 again the following week. This time they decided to indulge in one of the extra services that they hadn’t experienced the first time – a husband and wife massage.

The husband and wife massage was an even more intimate experience than the first massage session, as the couple was able to touch, caress and explore each other in a way that they hadn’t before. The touch of both masseuses was gentle but firm and they paid close attention to ensure that they both enjoyed the same pleasure from the massage.

The pleasure from the massage wasn’t only physical, but also emotional as the bond between Kat and Mark strengthened. Even after their second visit to Massage Parlours Hycemoor LA19, Kat and Mark still talk about their experiences and how enjoyable it was to experience such a high level of pleasure and service. The couple has also recommended the facility to their friends and family who are similarly looking for ways to relax and experience pleasure and relaxation. Massage Parlours Hycemoor LA19 will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Kat and Mark.