Massage Parlours Kensington Gardens W2

I had often heard of the massage parlours in Kensington Gardens W2, and I was curious to see what it was all about. I had heard tales of wild sex massage sessions, erotic massage sessions and even thai massage. But I had never actually visited the place, so in my mind I had built it up to be something far more exciting then it actually was. I was wrong.

I arrived at the massage parlours in Kensington Gardens W2 and before I even opened the door I could feel the heat emanating from inside. I opened the door and quickly realised that this was the type of place I had heard so much about. The walls were decorated with pictures of scantily clad women in various forms of lingerie, and I noticed that there were various types of nuru massage and adult massage that they had on offer.

I decided to go with the erotic massage. I had heard that this was the most intense form of massage that they had on offer, and I wanted to push my boundaries a bit. I was taken to a private room, and the massage therapist immediately began to work her magic.

There was something incredibly special about the way she touched me. She slipped her hands under the sheets, caressing my body in a way that I had never experienced before. All of a sudden, I felt like I was in a different world; I felt completely relaxed, and my entire body felt like it was melting.

For the next hour or so, she led me through a series of different massage techniques. She used her hands and body to massage me, focusing on my most sensitive areas, and I quickly found myself aroused and aroused. At one point she even asked if I wanted to explore some of her other services, such as escorts, prostitutes and call girls.

At that point I knew I had taken the massage too far. I politely declined the offer and paid for the session. I left the massage parlours with a newfound appreciation for the sex massage, erotic massage, thai massage and nuru massage that I had experienced. The massage therapist certainly knew her way around the human body and our session had been incredibly hot and satisfying.

I have returned to the massage parlours in Kensington Gardens W2 a few more times since then, exploring the different services that they offer. I’ve had incredibly hot and satisfying sessions with the milfs, gilfs, and mature women that work there. I’ve even indulged in a few anal, gfe and blowjob sessions, which have all been incredibly enjoyable.

The massage parlours in Kensington Gardens W2 really surprised me. I had no idea that it could be such an amazing place for sex massage, erotic massage and other adult services. I will definitely be returning for more.