Massage Parlours Kingston Hill KT2

It was a hot summer day in Kingston Hill KT2, and John was in desperate need for a massage. He had been having trouble sleeping for weeks, and was hoping to find some relaxation and respite from the stresses of his daily life. After a long drive, he arrived at a massage parlour called “The Parlour at Kingston Hill”.

The place was run-down and had a few shady characters coming and going, but John was desperate and decided to take his chances. Inside, the massage parlour seemed much more modern and inviting than the outside. He was greeted by a friendly young woman who asked him what type of massage he was looking for. John said he wanted a sex massage.

The girl smiled and said that she could arrange for one of their more experienced massage therapists to provide one for him. She said it would cost him £70 for an hour, and that his massage therapist would be ready shortly.

John checked in with the receptionist before being shown to a private massage room. Once in the massage room, John was happy to see that his massage therapist was actually quite attractive. She was wearing a short skirt and a low cut blouse, and he felt himself getting aroused.

The massage therapist began by applying oil to his body and massaging his back and shoulders. She was gentle yet firm, and John was quickly feeling relaxed. As the massage progressed, she began to focus on John’s body in more intimate areas, caressing his thighs and genitals.

The massage therapist then applied a lubricant and began performing a series of sensual sex massage strokes. She touched and stroked all parts of his body, working her way up and down his body, until eventually reaching his genitals. She then began to use her mouth and tongue to pleasure him in ways he had never experienced before.

John felt like he was in a state of pure ecstasy, and soon enough he was ready to ejaculate. With a few expert strokes from the massage therapist, he released himself inside of her warm mouth, before collapsing onto the massage table in a state of pure pleasure.

After the massage was finished, John thanked the massage therapist before getting dressed and heading out of the massage parlour with a smile on his face. He had had a truly remarkable experience, and felt he had received great value for the money.

John returned to the massage parlour regularly over the coming weeks, experimenting with different massage services and massage therapists. He enjoyed the services he received, and appreciated the professionalism of the staff and the high level of discretion they provided.

For John, the massage parlour at Kingston Hill had become a safe place where he could go to unwind and be pampered. It was a place he was happy to return to again and again.