Massage Parlours Lampton TW3

It was late in the evening when I decided to check out the massage parlours in Lampton TW3. I had heard that they offered an amazing selection of massage treatments and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I arrived at the address and was welcomed into the building by a friendly receptionist, who informed me of all the services available. There was a great selection of classic massage techniques on offer including Swedish, Thai and deep tissue. I also noticed that they had specialised services such as nuru, adult massage and erotic massage.

I chose a nuru massage which involved a seductive massage technique using a special type of body oil. I was led to a massage room where the therapist politely asked me to undress. I lay on the massage bed and the therapist started to work on my body using long sensual strokes. The experience was incredibly stimulating and I felt my body become aroused.

The therapist then moved on to more intimate areas, massaging my nipples and inner thighs. I felt a wave of pleasure flooding through my body as the therapist gently touched and caressed my body. By the end of the massage I was so relaxed that I almost drifted off to sleep.

Although I had enjoyed the massage, I was still curious to sample some of the pleasure that Lampton massage parlours was famous for. I asked the receptionist if they also provide sexual services and she pointed me in the direction of a room dedicated to providing sex massage and escort services.

The room was tastefully dressed and I was immediately drawn to the beautiful selection of escorts. I was offered the opportunity to purchase a range of services including GFE, blowjob, hookup, adult dating and anal sex. I felt a surge of excitement as I thought about the possibilities of a naughty night with a beautiful escort.

In the end I decided to book a GFE option which included all of the extras. After exchangingcash for a GFE voucher I was taken to a private room and waited for my escort to arrive. When she entered the room I was immediately taken back by her beauty and charm.

We exchanged pleasantries and she soon started to massage my body in a slow, sensual manner. She explored my body using her hands and lips, teasing and tantalising me with every touch. She moved effortlessly from my shoulders to my inner thighs performing a range of massage techniques.

I felt myself drifting away into a state of pure pleasure as my escort moved her body against mine. Before I knew it, I had reached an explosive orgasm and I was left feeling completely satisfied.

I thanked my escort for a fantastic experience and left the massage parlours Lampton TW3 feeling completely revitalised. I definitely recommended that anyone looking to experience the pleasure of an erotic massage should head to Lampton TW3!