Massage Parlours Longlands DA15

It was a Saturday night at the massage parlours in Longlands, DA15 and Sarah was ready to start her shift. She had been working as an erotic massage therapist for a few months now and she was starting to get a reputation for her skills. She had a few regulars who were becoming increasingly satisfied with her offerings, and tonight she was expecting a few new customers as well.

Sarah set up her room, making sure everything was in place and that all the necessary items were on hand. She lit a few candles to give the room an air of relaxation and then went to the reception area to check the appointment book. There were a few names listed, and she recognized one of them as belonging to a regular who liked to pay for a massage and a bit of extra. Sarah couldn’t help but feel a bit of excitement at the thought of what she was about to do.

Sarah thanked the receptionist and made her way to her room. She put on some relaxing music and dimmed the lights to create the perfect setting. She then turned on the massage table and waited for her first customer. After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door and Sarah opened it to find a tall, handsome man standing in the hallway. He was dressed in a suit and Sarah couldn’t help but admire his muscular frame.

After Sarah welcomed the man into the massage parlours, the two of them discussed the type of massage he had requested. Sarah suggested a Nuru massage, and the man accepted. She then instructed him to undress and lay down on the massage table. With her hands, Sarah started tracing his body, from the back of his head to his feet, as she used a combination of slow, gentle touches and stimulating strokes.

As she worked, the man started to moan and breathe heavily, indicating his pleasure. Sarah moved lower, caressing his inner thighs and then gently running her fingers over his manhood. She could feel him getting harder, and she increased the pressure of her touch. The man was now panting and arching his back in ecstasy.

Sarah then flipped him over so she could give him a happy ending. She grabbed some lube and started stroking his member, slowly at first and then faster as he begged her to go harder. Finally, the man reached orgasm and shouted out in pleasure.

Afterwards, Sarah thanked the man and watched him exit the massage parlours with a satisfied smile on his face. She was already looking forward to her next appointment and the pleasure she knew it would bring.

After her shift finished, Sarah headed home feeling content. She had done a good job for the day and had made a few new friends in the process. She knew that there were a lot of naughty services on offer at the massage parlours, and she was sure that she had just scratched the surface of what was possible. She was already looking forward to her next visit to the massage parlours Longlands DA15 and the pleasure it would bring.