Massage Parlours Maida Vale W9

It was a hot, sultry summer’s day and I was feeling the heat in my Maida Vale flat, but I needed to treat myself to a special massage. I had heard about a massage parlour just a few streets away from me in Maida Vale W9 and decided to take a chance and give it a try.

I arrived at the massage parlour, to find a dimly lit, yet inviting room. I was met by a gorgeous, petite woman with a beaming smile who introduced herself as Jenny. Jenny had a smooth, inviting voice which made me feel immediately relaxed.

Jenny took me through to the massage room and asked me to lie down on the massage table. She then swiftly began her massage and I could feel her strong, warm hands working their magic on my aching body.

As Jenny massaged my body, I found myself drifting away into another world; one filled with pleasure and bliss. Her skilled hands seemed to move effortlessly over my body and as she gently caressed my most sensitive areas, I felt a wave of electricity rush through me.

After the massage, it was time for Jenny to show me the other services the massage parlour offered. She told me that she could offer me a range of sexual services, from a sensual massage, to a more intimate and erotic experience. I decided to try out the sensual massage, and as Jenny moved her hands over my body, it felt like Heaven.

I felt incredibly aroused and wanted more. So, I asked Jenny if she could provide me with a prostate massage – a special service which involves a more intimate touch from the masseuse. Jenny seemed happy to oblige and soon enough, she had me completely under her spell.

The prostate massage was the most intense experience I had ever had. As Jenny massaged my most sensitive area, I felt waves of pleasure which engulfed my entire body. I was soon lost in a blissful state of euphoria.

When I left the massage parlour, I felt completely reinvigorated and my mood was lifted. I had enjoyed my experience so much and I knew I would be returning soon.

From that day on, I was a regular at the massage parlour and I always looked forward to my time spent in the capable hands of Jenny. She always made me feel welcome and special, and I enjoyed my time spent with her.

The massage parlour offered me a safe, comfortable and inviting atmosphere and I felt totally at ease in their company. I would recommend it to anyone in need of a relaxing and pleasurable experience.