Massage Parlours Maze Hill SE10

It had been a long day for John and he needed a release. He had just wrapped up a business meeting and was looking for something to do. He had heard about the massage parlours that had recently opened in Maze Hill SE10 and thought he would give it a try.

John arrived at the massage parlour and was immediately greeted by a warm and friendly woman who welcomed him in. She gave him a tour of the place and explained all the different types of massages they offered. John chose to go with a full body massage.

The woman led John to a private room and instructed him to lie face down on the massage table. She then began to massage his back with her soft hands, working her way down to his feet. She used aromatic oils and herbs to soothe his aching muscles and he soon felt relaxed and rejuvenated.

John could feel himself becoming more aroused as the massage progressed and he asked the woman if she offered any other services. She told him that they do offer an erotic massage. John was intrigued and asked for more information. The woman explained that the erotic massage combines traditional massage techniques with tantric massage methods to give you heightened pleasure.

John was more than intrigued and he agreed to try it. The woman took John to a luxurious room with candles, cushions and soothing music. She then took off her clothes and began to massage him, starting from his head and working her way down to his feet. She used her hands to stimulate his body in a very sensual way and it was very arousing for John.

After the massage was over, John asked if he could have sex with the woman. She told him that they do offer a full sex service at the massage parlours, however this wasn’t something she was comfortable with. She suggested that they could do something else instead and they agreed.

John and the woman decided to go back to the room and experiment with different positions and fantasies. They explored each other’s bodies and John experienced feelings of sexual pleasure that he had never felt before. He left the massage parlours feeling both relaxed and aroused.

John went back to Maze Hill SE10 a few days later and discovered that the massage parlours had become quite popular among the locals. People were flocking to the massage parlours to get the same experience he had. He was glad he had tried out the massage parlours in Maze Hill SE10 and he knew that he would be returning there often.