Massage Parlours Mill Meads E15

It was late into the night when I decided to take a chance and go to Massage Parlours Mill Meads in E15. I’d heard of the place before, but never had the nerve to actually go. I was a bit apprehensive, but the promise of an erotic massage was too alluring to resist.

Knowing I was at a bit of a disadvantage, I ventured in and already felt a bit out of place. The receptionist was friendly enough, but she informed me that I would need to pay in advance; which I did. She then showed me the way to the massage room, which I thought was a bit odd. It seemed like the place was not quite what I expected.

Once I was in the massage room, a lovely Asian woman came in and introduced herself as my masseuse. She was wearing a very sexy lingerie outfit and had a bit of a naughty glint in her eyes. I had never experienced a sex massage before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The masseuse began to massage my back, legs and arms. At first I was a bit uncomfortable, but then my body began to relax and the sensations I was feeling were quite pleasurable. After a few minutes, my masseuse then moved on to my back and began to focus on that area. She started out with a soothing massage, and then moved in to deeper and more erotic techniques.

As her hands moved around my body, I could feel my skin getting tighter and more sensitive to her every touch. The combination of the warm massage oil and her firm hands were very arousing, and I was becoming increasingly aroused by the experience. She then moved on to my neck and shoulders, and I could feel the tension in those areas melt away.

Finally, she moved her hands down my body and began to massage my thighs and buttocks. I could hardly believe what she was doing to me, and I was so aroused that I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as she worked her magic. When she finished her massage, she asked if I wanted to take it one step further and have a full service massage. Without hesitation I said yes, and before I knew it, she was on top of me, giving me the most amazing, pleasurable experience of my life.

When it was all over, I felt completely satisfied, and I thanked my masseuse for the incredible experience. I then paid for my service, and left the massage parlor feeling completely invigorated. Massage Parlours Mill Meads in E15 definitely lived up to its name, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a sensual and truly unforgettable experience.