Massage Parlours Morden SM4

The day started off like any other for Alex. He woke up early and went through his morning routine – showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed and then heading to work. It had been a while since he had gone out and done anything fun, so he had decided to take a break and visit a massage parlour in Morden SM4.

Alex had heard about this massage parlour from a friend and had decided to try it out for himself. He was a bit nervous as he stepped inside, but the interior was surprisingly nice. The walls were painted a calming green, and there were several plants scattered around the room. The whole atmosphere was very peaceful and inviting.

He was soon approached by a young woman wearing a white dress. She smiled warmly at him and asked him what kind of massage he would like to have. After a few minutes of discussion, Alex settled on the erotic massage. he was a bit embarrassed to be asking for something like this, but the woman was very professional and Alex felt at ease.

The massage began with gentle kneading of his back and shoulders, gradually getting harder as the massage progressed. The woman used different oils and creams, and also did some light stretching to further relax him. As she moved further down his body, she started to touch him in more intimate areas. Alex couldn’t believe it – this was so different from the massages he had had at the spa.

The massage continued for over an hour, and as it came to an end, Alex was completely relaxed and invigorated. He thanked the woman for her excellent service and then asked her if there were any other services she could provide him with. She smiled knowingly and then took him to the back room, where there were other girls offering sexual services.

Alex was a bit hesitant at first, but the woman made him comfortable and he soon agreed to try a few things. He paid for a hour of oral sex, and then moved on to a full body massage with a handjob. The whole experience left him feeling energized and incredibly aroused.

In the end, Alex left the massage parlour feeling happy and satisfied. He had never expected to get such an intense experience from a massage parlour, and he couldn’t believe how different it was from just going to a spa. He’d definitely be back soon for more!