Massage Parlours Mottingham SE9

The sun was setting in the distant horizon, painting the sky a deep shade of pink. It was the perfect time for a night on the town and with that in mind, I made my way to Massage Parlours Mottingham SE9. I had never experienced a massage parlour before and I was feeling a little nervous as I walked up to the building. As I approached the door, I was greeted by a very tall and handsome man, who introduced himself as the manager of the establishment.

He showed me around the massage parlour and informed me of the services available. I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed in the building and I was excited to sample the offerings. After being given a tour, I decided to go with the “deluxe massage”. The massage parlour had a wide range of professional masseuses and masseurs available, each one offering unique and stimulating massage services. I chose a gorgeous blonde masseuse and made my way to the massage room.

The massage began with gentle, soothing strokes that quickly moved up to more intense and erotic massage. My masseuse used warm, scented oils to massage my body and soon the air was filled with scented aroma. With a smooth voice and no shortage of skill, my masseuse asked me to turn over so she could begin the “sex massage”.

I lay down on the massage table as she began to explore my body with her hands. She massaged my neck, shoulders and chest, before moving down to my inner thighs and abdomen. With each touch I felt a tingling sensation ripple through my body as I became increasingly aroused. Her experienced hands continued their exploration of my body, touching and kneading my muscles in a way that only an experienced masseuse can. She then began to move her hands in a circular motion around my groin, increasing the pleasure I was experiencing.

Finally, she used the skill that only an exceptional masseuse can provide and I reached the peak of pleasure and satisfaction. After the massage was finished, I thanked her and she asked if I wanted to add an extra service such as a blowjob, anal sex, a GFE, or a milf or gilf experience. I told her I felt satisfied and thanked her again.

I left feeling completely relaxed and satisfied and I can’t wait to go back to the massage parlours of Mottingham SE9. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an intimate and pleasurable experience to give Massage Parlours Mottingham SE9 a try.