Massage Parlours New Cross Gate SE14

It was a long day, and I was in desperate need of some relaxation. I decided to treat myself to a massage at Massage Parlours New Cross Gate SE14. As I walked in, I felt a wave of calm wash over me. The place was beautifully decorated and smelled delightful. Everything I could’ve wanted was here.

I had decided to go for the “Full Service”, which included a full body massage, sex massage, and an erotic massage. As I lay down on the massage table, my masseuse, a petite Thai girl, began to work her magic. Her skilled hands worked every inch of my body with expert precision. She used specially designed massage oils to massage my body, arousing my senses.

Her hands soon moved up to my lower back and then to my glutes. She then used her soft hands to massage my inner thighs and around my sensitive area, stimulating me to the point of arousal. I was lost in pleasure and felt like I was in a dream-like state.

The massage moved onto the sex massage, which was even more intense. She massaged my entire body, with special attention to my pelvic area. With each stroke, I felt my body responding. She then applied special massage oils to my penis and began to massage it as well. The feeling was intense and I felt myself building up to a climax.

My body was begging for release, but the massage didn’t stop there. She then moved onto the erotic massage. She caressed me in intimate areas and explored my body with her expert hands. I felt a deep pleasure and relaxation, and she worked my entire body until I finally reached a peak of arousal.

Afterwards I felt refreshed and energised. The massage had been a truly unique experience and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. I left the massage parlour feeling relaxed and invigorated.

Since then I have been back to Massage Parlours New Cross Gate SE14 many times. The massage is always professional and respectful, and the prices are very reasonable. I even tried their Nuru massage which was absolutely incredible. I know that I can always rely on these massage parlours to give me a truly extraordinary experience.