Massage Parlours Newington SE17

It was a warm spring night and I had been feeling a bit lonely. I’d heard good things about Massage Parlours Newington SE17 and decided it would be a great way to treat myself. When I arrived, I was greeted in a friendly and professional manner by a courteous receptionist who made me feel at ease.

I was taken to a private room with a massage table and told to undress, keeping my underwear and a towel on. Soft music was playing in the background, and the lighting was low and calming. All of these little touches helped me to relax and get ready for my massage.

My therapist entered the room and promptly introduced himself. He was an attractive mid-20s man with a nice smile and friendly demeanor. He asked me what kind of massage I would like and I told him I was interested in a sex massage. I had never had one before, but I was curious.

My therapist began by massaging my back and neck, before gradually working his way down my body. As his skilled hands explored my body, I found myself getting aroused. He then moved on to more intimate areas, such as my inner thighs, buttocks and stomach. His hands moved in circles and created a pleasurable sensation that was unexpected but welcomed.

When I was ready, he asked me to turn over and continued the massage. He was gentle and attentive, and this time his focus was on my breasts and lower stomach. His touch felt amazing and I was soon lost in the pleasure of it.

Afterwards, he asked me if I would like to engage in further sexual activity and I enthusiastically agreed. We moved to the bed and continued our massage, which combined slow sensual strokes with passionate exploring. I was taken to new heights of ecstasy as he caressed my body and explored me with his hands and tongue.

When we were finally finished, I felt completely relaxed and deeply satisfied. I thanked my therapist and left with a huge smile on my face. I’d had an incredible experience at Massage Parlours Newington SE17, and would readily recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and sensual experience.