Massage Parlours North Kensington W10

It was a warm summer day and was the perfect day to visit the massage parlours of North Kensington W10. For some time now I had been looking for a good massage therapist who could provide me with the ultimate erotic experience. I decided to take the plunge and try out Massage Parlours North Kensington W10.

The parlour was quite inviting from the outside. I could see a large, inviting lounge area with comfortable seats, perfect for relaxing after a long day. I was pleasantly surprised at how well kept and clean the entire establishment was.

When I entered the massage parlour, I was welcomed by two lovely ladies who asked me to choose from the many different types of massage treatments available. I chose a nuru massage with an erotic twist. The ladies explained to me what nuru was and told me that it was an erotic massage that would involve sensual stimulation with the use of body oils and gentle, loving caresses.

The massage began with me lying on my stomach and the lady began to massage my back with her hands and oils. As she massaged me, she began to make small circles around my neck and shoulders. I felt my body relax and I felt soothed and rejuvenated.

Then she began to move down my body, making circular motions around my lower back, hips, and buttocks. Each stroke was designed to relax me and to increase my pleasure. I felt a deep sense of pleasure and relaxation from her touch.

Next, she moved down to my inner thighs and started to massage gently. She made sure that every part of my body was touched with the utmost care. As she worked around my groin, I felt a heightened level of pleasure and arousal.

Then she moved to my penis and began to massage it gently, with her fingers and oils. She moved her hands around it in circles and with great skill. The sensation was unbelievable and I felt my body trembling as pleasure rippled through it.

After this, she moved to my buttocks and thighs and began making circles around my anus with her fingers. The pleasure from this was intense and I felt my body responding with each movement.

Finally, she moved back to my chest and neck and massaged those areas with great care. I relished each and every moment of this massage and felt completely relaxed and invigorated afterwards.

After I had finished my massage, I felt totally revitalized and energized. I thanked the ladies for their services and went back home feeling more refreshed and relaxed than ever before. I realized that I had found the perfect massage parlour in North Kensington W10 and would definitely be returning for more.