Massage Parlours Northwood Hills HA6

It was a hot summer night in Northwood Hills HA6 and I was feeling particularly adventurous. I had heard about a massage parlour in the area that was supposed to be one of the best around and I wanted to check it out.

I arrived at the massage parlour and was greeted by a warm and friendly receptionist who gave me a tour of the facilities. The parlour was beautifully decorated with luxurious furniture and a number of experts offering different kinds of massage services. There were several rooms dedicated to different kinds of massage techniques, including Thai massage, Nuru massage, sensual massage, and even adult massage. I was really impressed by the high standards of service and quality of the massage parlour and decided to take my chances.

When I entered the room for my massage, I was struck by the pleasant aroma of massage oils and the sultry music playing in the background. The massage therapist was a tall, lean man in his mid-thirties and he introduced himself as James. He began the massage by rubbing my shoulders and back with a sensual, tender touch that sent shivers all over my body. He then proceeded to massage my legs and feet, giving me an intense feeling of pleasure.

As he continued with the massage, I felt my body melt into his touch and I could feel myself drifting away into a state of pure pleasure. His expert hands massaged me gently and his touch was incredibly erotic. He then moved to my chest and began gently massaging my nipples and my stomach. His touch sent sparks of pleasure through my body, creating an intense sensation of pleasure and arousal.

I was completely under his spell and I found myself craving for more. He then moved down to my lower body, massaging my inner thighs and my clitoris. His movements were intense and he used just the right amount of pressure in the right places, which had me trembling in pleasure.

Suddenly, he pressed his body against mine and I found myself completely overcome with pleasure and arousal. I realized that this was not just an ordinary massage and that it was turning into a sexual massage. I had no objections and welcomed his advances, giving in to every move he made.

We moved to the bed and I found myself in a passionate embrace with him as we explored each other’s bodies. His touch was incredibly intimate and I felt myself taken to heights of pleasure I have never experienced before. We explored each other and went to the limits of pleasure with every movement.

As we lay there in each others arms, I felt a warmth that I had never felt before and I knew that I had just experienced something amazing. I thanked him for the experience and left the massage parlour feeling satisfied and liberated. I had just experienced the best massage of my life and I knew that I would definitely be back for more.