Massage Parlours Old Bexley DA5

It was a normal Sunday evening in Massage Parlours Old Bexley DA5. When I stepped in, I was met by the stiff stinging smell of incense that coated the air. In the soft glow of the overhead lights, I could make out the inviting shapes of the massage parlor.

In the corner, a dark-haired girl sat at a reception desk, sketching in a notebook. She looked up and smiled as I approached. I asked for the menu of services and she motioned towards the wall with a small sign that read “Sex Massage”.

My eyes widened as she proceeded to list the range of services she was offering: thai massage, nuru massage, erotic massage, and adult massage. I was hooked immediately. I decided on the thai massage, and she directed me to a private room in the back.

The room was dimly lit and decorated with tasteful futons and low tables. I was escorted to a massage bed draped in a crisp white sheet and a thin blanket. The girl proceeded to set up the massage area, and the tension in my body slowly melted away as the scent of incense filled the air.

The girl then started the massage with a series of gentle pressure points and light rubbing of my entire body. She was very professional and gentle as she worked to relax and stimulate my body.

The massage progressed to more sensual techniques as she started to explore my body with her hands. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as she painstakingly detailed each muscle fiber in my body. It felt incredible.

The intensity of the massage increased as she began to use her body to massage me. I felt the curves of her body pressed against mine as she moved around me. She massaged my neck, back and legs with her whole body, and I felt like I was melting into the futon.

The massage went on for what felt like eternity. When it was finally over, I could barely move. I was in a state of blissful exhaustion as I stumbled out of the room.

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