Massage Parlours Piece TR16

Massage Parlours Piece TR16 was the first experience for me into a world of organized and professional pleasure. I had been invited to the premises by an acquaintance who had given me the address of the parlour and assured me that I would have an enjoyable time.

My initial apprehension was quickly replaced with excitement when I arrived at the parlour. The entrance was on a quiet side street, off of a main busy avenue, and wasn’t heavily populated by people. I stepped through the door into a plush interior with velvet draped walls, candles, and calming music playing in the background. Inside, a range of women in lingerie, each with their own unique look and elegance, lined the walls. Each one offered a unique service.

I was then taken through to a private room where I was asked to undress and lie face down on the massage table. A woman, dressed in a black and red PVC set, then came into the room and expertly applied aromatherapy oils to my skin.

The massage itself started slowly but gradually increased in intensity and pressure. The masseuse worked expertly and her technique was exceptional. The intense pleasure that she sent over my body was incredible and I soon found myself lost in the sensation of relaxation that had enveloped me.

Before I knew it, it was time to move on to the naughtier side of the massage parlour piece. I had no idea what was about to happen but I was ready for it.

The massage table was moved aside and the lights were dimmed. I then experienced an unexpected treat. The woman took my hand and led me to a well-stocked bar, where I was presented with an array of liquor and champagne. I was then invited to choose from a selection of toys, from rabbit-like vibrators to feather ticklers.

The massage experience moved from being light and sensual to more intense and bizarre. Before long, my body was trembling with pleasure as the woman explored my every need, from light teasing of my body to indulging my wildest fantasies. The pleasure that I experienced was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

I eventually reached my climax and left feeling refreshed and energized. I couldn’t stop smiling as I left the parlour and into the night with the memory of my massage experience lasting in my mind forever.

Thanks to Massage Parlours Piece TR16, I discovered a world filled with pleasure, passion and excitement.