Massage Parlours Poulton CH4

Massage Parlours Poulton CH4

Tina had dreamed of going to a massage parlour in Poulton CH4 since she was a young girl. She had heard stories from friends who had visited massage parlours, but she had never been brave enough to go herself. Now, at the age of 32, she finally felt like she was ready to take the plunge.

Nervously, she drove to the address she had found online – 11 Waterloo Street, Poulton CH4. It was a run-down looking building in the middle of a quiet residential street. She parked the car and nervously made her way up the front steps, heart pounding in her chest.

When she entered the building, she was surprised to find it empty, save for a reception desk with a woman sitting behind it. She asked the receptionist for information about the massage parlours, and the woman quickly led her to a room upstairs.

The massage parlour was dark and inviting, with a bed in the middle of the room. Soft music played in the background and Tina could smell lavender in the air. She was handed a towel, a robe and told to undress and lie on the bed.

Tina did as she was instructed, lying face down on the bed. Suddenly, she felt the bed vibrate and a pair of strong hands gently began to massage her back. The sensation was divine – it was soothing, relaxing and sensual all at once. The tension in her back melted away and she felt as if she was in a state of blissful nirvana.

The masseuse moved to Tina’s neck and shoulders, kneading and pressing those areas until they had each been given proper attention. After a few minutes of this wonderful massage, the masseuse turned her attention to Tina’s legs and feet, gently stretching them and pushing them until they felt as limber as ever.

Finally, the masseuse asked Tina to turn over on to her back. As she did so, she felt hands rest softly on her stomach and chest, continuing the massage for a few moments more before instructions were given for Tina to roll on to her side.

Tina felt as if she was in a trance as the masager continued to knead and stroke her body. When the massage was over, Tina slowly opened her eyes, feeling more relaxed and at peace than she had in a long time.

With a broad smile on her face, she thanked the masseuse, put on her robe and slowly made her way out of the massage parlour. As she locked the door behind her, she couldn’t help but think about how divine the massage had been and how it had completely changed the way she felt.

Tina decided that she would definitely be visiting the massage parlour in Poulton CH4 again soon – and this time she wouldn’t wait so long to book an appointment.