Massage Parlours Puddington CH64

Massage Parlours Puddington CH64

Charlotte had been wanting to experience a proper massage parlour experience since she had heard about them, so when a friend of hers told her they had found one in Puddington CH64, she was keen to give it a try. She had read up a bit on massage parlours and realised they weren’t all identical, so did some more research and found out that this particular parlour was fairly renowned and in high demand. She decided it was worth a try and booked herself in for a session.

Charlotte arrived at the massage parlour, eager and anxious to begin her massage. She was greeted with a friendly smile by the receptionist and booked in for her session. She was then guided down to a quiet room, where she was asked to get undressed and relax on the table.

Once she was comfortable the masseuse, a tall, slim woman with shoulder-length brown hair, entered the room and introduced herself as Mary. Mary explained that Charlotte’s massage would be tailored to her needs and interests, so Charlotte was encouraged to tell Mary what kind of massage she was feeling like.

Charlotte had heard about Tantric massage before so she said to Mary that she’d like to try a Tantric massage. Mary nodded in approval and told her that she had made an excellent choice. She began by slowly massaging Charlotte’s back and neck, working her way up the spine and slowly increasing the pressure until she reached the shoulders.

Mary then began to focus on some of the more intimate areas of Charlotte’s body, using her hands to stimulate various pleasure points. She used various strokes and motions, building up the intensity as Charlotte’s body responded to each touch. The pleasure kept rising until Charlotte was on the brink of an explosive climax, and then Mary stepped back, allowing Charlotte to relax and enjoy the afterglow.

After a few moments Mary told Charlotte to turn over, and she then began working on the front of Charlotte’s body. She used gentle strokes on the abdomen and then moved onto the inner thighs, where she gave Charlotte’s inner thighs a gentle massage. With each touch, Charlotte could feel her arousal levels growing and before long she was once again riding the waves of intense pleasure.

As Mary moved on to the breasts she used her fingers to expertly trace circles around Charlotte’s nipples, teasing and teasing until finally Charlotte let out a loud moan of pleasure. Mary then moved back to the buttocks and thighs and continued to massage those areas and press her body up against Charlotte’s.

The massage then came to an end, and Charlotte felt truly relaxed, yet her body was still buzzing with pleasure. She thanked Mary for an amazing experience and made her way back to the reception area, feeling lighter and more relaxed than when she had arrived.

On her way out, Charlotte knew she would definitely be returning to Massage Parlours Puddington CH64 soon for another unforgettable experience.