Massage Parlours Regent’s Park NW1

The sun was just setting over the skyline of Regent’s Park in Northwest London as John emerged from the underground station. He had been a regular visitor to the massage parlours in the area and felt a tingle of anticipation. He was looking forward to experiencing the erotic massage that he knew this place was famous for.

The massage parlour was nestled in the midst of a vibrant London neighbourhood and was a hive of activity. John spotted a few people lingering around the door, but soon noticed the discreet entrance tucked away behind a small corner shop. He walked in, feeling a little nervous and finding the reception area quiet and empty.

After taking a seat in the waiting area, he noticed a handful of elegantly dressed ladies approach the reception desk with strutting grace. John counted five of them and in the few moments he observed them, he quickly assumed they were there for the purpose he was.

Within moments, the receptionist welcomed John and without delay, approached the five ladies, asking for their preference. John was startled to hear the receptionist offering the choice of “erotic”, “thai”, “nuru”, and “adult massage” services. He quickly responded that he’d like an erotic massage, in which the receptionist nodded and recommended one of the ladies; a beautiful mature woman with a smile that could take away a man’s breath.

John followed the lady upstairs, feeling a little uneasy and on a small tour of the massage parlour. He was shown to his room, and asked to change into the robe that was laid out on the bed. The lady then left, closing the door behind her.

John quickly changed and after a few moments, the door opened and the same woman walked in. She smiled at him warmly and motioned for him to lay down on the massage table that was in the center of the room.

John complied, and soon felt the comfort of her gentle hands as she slowly and expertly moved down his body. She then proceeded to work her magic, massaging every single muscle in his body with both her hands and her body.

The massage became more aroused as she began to massage his most intimate areas and before long, she asked if he wanted something extra. John hesitated for a moment, but before he could answer, the woman now seemed to be wearing nothing but a black lace teddy.

John was a little taken aback, but didn’t hesitate in agreeing to her offer. What followed was an hour of pleasure that left him feeling completely satisfied and grateful for the massage parlours Regent’s Park NW1.

He quickly dressed and thanked the woman before making his way back downstairs, a little dizzy with pleasure. As he walked away, he was amazed to see the same people still lingering outside the door. The massage parlour was clearly a popular experience, and one he would be returning to soon.