Massage Parlours Risley WA3

Massage Parlours Risley WA3

Situated in a rural village just outside of Warrington, the Risley WA3 massage parlour is one of the best kept secrets of North West England. Often overlooked in favour of other local places with more notoriety, the locals in the area know of its existence and its exquisite services.

Having been given the opportunity to review one of the treatments – the signature “Risley Thirst Quenching Experience” – I was more than eager to relish in all that the parlour had to offer.

The journey to Risley began far earlier than necessary – I made the hour long drive to ensure that I arrived with plenty of time to spare and adequately prepare myself both mentally and physically. After bundling into the car park, I felt a rush of anticipation run through me. I hadn’t been to a massage parlour in a long time and I was genuinely looking forward to the experience.

The parlour itself was modest in size and sadly, did not possess an overly glamorous exterior. Having said that, what really mattered was the quality of the service I was about to receive and, in this respect, the parlour did not disappoint.

Upon entering, I was welcomed by a friendly and highly knowledgeable receptionist who was more than happy to chat and discuss the treatments. My eyes immediately naturally drew focus to the long white massage table that was situated in the middle of the room, surrounded by a selection of candles and soothing aromas.

After signing in and paying for the treatment – which I can confirm was incredibly reasonably priced – I was directed to one of the private rooms, number 17.

The room was beautifully decorated, giving off a sense of relaxation, while a heavenly smell emanated from the lit incense. I disrobed and put on the provided robe, before lying down on the massage table, ready to experience the pleasure that was to come.

The massage therapist entered the room and began to massage my back with firm, slow strokes. I could feel the tension melting away and my mind was present and completely in the moment. As time passed, the massage therapist’s strokes became slightly heavier, getting me closer to my second stage of relaxation.

The massage therapist then moved to the front of the table and applied a warm lotion to my chest, stomach and inner legs with agonizing deliberation and precision. As the heat of the lotion began to take effect, my breathing became more laboured and I was aware of sensation like I had never felt before.

The excitement was palpable, as the massage therapist continued their mesmerising massage. They took their time, working down south, keeping to just the right pressure, exploring every part of my body in a manner I had never before experienced.

The massage came to a climax with a deep and intense body move. My entire body vibrated with pleasure and I felt a sensation of pure euphoria that would stay with me for days afterward. The massage therapist left the room, allowing my body to fall into a state of complete tranquility, with my mind buzzing from the intense excitement and pleasure.

To end the treatment, the massage therapist brought in a hot towel and delicately wiped me from head to toe before covering me with soft blankets.

If I’m honest, I was simply amazed at how such a small and unassuming massage parlour could offer me such an exquisite experience. Risley WA3 massage parlour is definitely a place to visit and I anticipate my return soon.