Massage Parlours Rode Heath ST7

Massage Parlours Rode Heath ST7

The massage parlor was located on the outskirts of town, just off of a winding country road. There were no signs advertising their services, just a small, discreet entrance into the back room. As I made my way inside, I felt my heart racing in anticipation of what I was about to experience.

The interior was dimly lit, and the only furniture was a large massage table. Soft music played in the background, creating a calming atmosphere. I was greeted at the door by a woman in her late thirties wearing a white robe. She motioned for me to take a seat on the massage table and asked what type of massage I was interested in getting.

I explained that I had come for a full body massage and she nodded in understanding. She proceeded to ask me some questions about any potential allergies or sensitivities I may have, and then brought out a menu of massage oils and lotions from which I could choose. After selecting a light, fragrant oil, she began to perform the massage.

She started off by lightly massaging my head and neck, and gradually worked her way down my body. As my muscles began to loosen and relax, I felt a wave of pleasure washing over me, and I let out a sigh of contentment.

The masseuse then moved her hands along my legs and I could feel the tension melting away. She paid special attention to my feet, gently rubbing and massaging them until I was feeling completely blissful.

The hour flew by, and it soon became time for the finale. The masseuse asked me to turn over, and my heartbeat quickened in anticipation. She started off by slipping her warm hands around my waist, and I could feel the heat radiating against my skin. I felt her hands move lower and soon I could feel her fingertips lightly dancing across my inner thighs.

The pleasure was almost too much to bear and I could feel my body shuddering beneath her touch. She continued to trace circles around my body until I was trembling with pleasure. My breathing became heavy, and I knew I was too close to the edge. With a few swift movements, she flipped me over and began to apply gentle pressure all around my body, using her thumbs and palms to massage every inch of me.

My head was spinning, and I could feel my body being transported to another place, filled with pleasure and soothing warmth. The massage was almost finished, and with one last caress, the masseuse thanked me, brought the massage to a close and left the room.

I lay there for a moment, still trembling with pleasure. My body felt unbelievably relaxed and I couldn’t help but smile. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed a massage, but now I was so glad I had ventured out to Massage Parlours Rode Heath ST7. I was already planning my next visit!