Massage Parlours Rosemergy TR20

Massage Parlours Rosemergy TR20 was a small, unassuming establishment tucked away in a quiet corner of Rosemergy. Though its outward appearance was unremarkable, it was well known among the locals as the best place to get a massage in the area.

On this particular day, John, a curious businessman, had decided to check out the massage parlour. He had heard of the many tantalizing offers that were available, and he was eager to see what all the hype was about.

John quickly found himself to be the only customer in the establishment. It was quite obvious that the place was not very busy, but he found it welcoming nonetheless. In the background, he could hear the faint music from the spa, a pleasant and soothing melody.

Making his way to the reception desk, John was quickly greeted by a friendly female receptionist. She offered him a seat and politely asked him what services he was interested in. John told her that he wasn’t sure what to choose and that he had been advised to check out the massage parlour.

The receptionist showed him a variety of services that he could pick from, including Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Sports massage, Relaxation massage, and Hot Stone massage. She also explained that Massage Parlours Rosemergy TR20 also offered some more exotic services such as Sensual massage and Erotic massage.

John decided to choose the Erotic massage, as he wanted to take things to the next level. After paying his fee at the counter, he was shown to a private room where he would receive his massage. The room was tastefully decorated and lit with scented candles, and a large bed was in the centre, with plump and comfortable cushions.

John was asked to undress and lie down on the bed, and he was quickly covered with a fresh linen sheet. The masseur then made her way into the room and began her session. She was gentle and professional, but also surprisingly sensual in her massage techniques.

The masseur used her hands, elbows, and forearms to give John a deep tissue massage. She worked on his arms, shoulders, neck and back in particular, aiming to release any tension or tightness in these areas. However, her touch was not restricted to just these areas; she also massaged his legs, feet, chest and buttocks, paying close attention to each area.

At a few points during the massage, John felt his arousal grow immensely and he wondered if he was meant to feel this way. The masseur seemed to be very aware of this and appeared to be quite happy about it, as she increased the pressure and intensity of her strokes accordingly.

As the session drew to a close, the masseur gave John one final massage on his penis; her warm and soft hands slowly stroking and caressing it, until it was fully erect. She then gave him a few final kisses on his neck before leaving him to rest.

John felt incredibly relaxed after his massage session and wondered if it was purely down to the massage itself, or whether the presence of the masseur had something to do with it. He decided it was probably a combination of both.

He was also quite surprised at how pleasurable the massage had been, despite it not being overtly sexual. The masseur had combined her knowledge of massage and her sensual touch to bring John closer to an ultimate release.

John finally left Massage Parlours Rosemergy TR20 with a feeling of great satisfaction and contentment. He knew that he had made the right choice and vowed to come back in the future.