Massage Parlours Rowton CH3

Massage Parlours Rowton CH3

The sun was just beginning to set when I stepped out of my car on the quiet street in the residential area of Rowton. The windows on the houses were glowing orange against the sky and the silhouette of trees loomed in the evening sky. I had heard about the massage parlours in this place, but today I was going to check out the most renowned one for myself.

I walked up the path to the building and the door opened before I had the chance to knock. Inside, I was greeted by a welcoming smile from the receptionist.

“Welcome to Massage Parlours Rowton. How can I help you?”.

I told her that I was interested in trying out one of their massage treatments. She grinned and told me to take a seat as she filled in the paperwork required. When she finished, I was led to a dimly lit room, with soft music playing in the background.

The atmosphere was soothing and relaxed and the massage therapist made me feel at ease. He instructed me to remove my clothing and assured me that I could leave my underwear on. A warm, scented oil was used to massage my body and he worked on areas that were tense or painful.

I must have drifted off to sleep at some point, as when I opened my eyes again, I was lying in a different, darkened room. The lights were dim and the music was gone. The massage therapist was now standing at the side of the room, naked from the waist down.

My heart skipped a beat as he walked towards me, but when he reached me, he leaned over and began to carefully massage my private parts. He used lubricant to make the massage even more pleasurable and soon my body was overcome with sensations I hadn’t experienced before.

The pleasure was almost too much to bear and before I knew it, I had experienced my first ever orgasm. I lay there, trembling, as the massage therapist finished up. He handed me a towel and told me to get dressed and make my way back to the reception area.

I was still in a state of shock as I staggered back to the main lobby. I had no idea what had just happened to me, but I knew one thing for certain – this was something I wanted to experience again. Massage Parlours Rowton CH3 had proven to provide more than just a massage; it had given me my first taste of sexual pleasure.