Massage Parlours Salterswall CW7

Massage Parlours Salterswall CW7

Amber stepped through the entrance of Massage Parlours Salterswall CW7 and took a deep breath. She had heard a lot about the place and now she was there, ready to try it out. She was drawn to the place by the promise of relaxation and pleasure, and the idea of being pampered and spoilt. She wanted to feel the effects of a good massage and maybe even have some naughty fun.

Amber looked around the reception area. It was spacious and comfortable, with a few chairs for visitors. Behind the reception desk was a friendly-looking woman who smiled at her as she approached.

“Welcome to Massage Parlours Salterswall CW7! How can I help you?”

Amber smiled back. “I’d like to book a massage. Do you have anything available?”

“Of course! We have a variety of treatments available, so just let me know what you’re looking for.”

Amber took a few moments to think. She wanted something that would relax her and give her a bit of naughty fun. She decided to go for the ‘Heavenly Touch’ massage, which was described as being a combination of sensual massage and light domination. It sounded like just what she was after.

“I’ll go with the Heavenly Touch, please.”

The receptionist smiled again. “Excellent choice. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Amber thought about that for a moment. “Yes, actually. I’ve heard that there are adult audio services available here, too. Can I get something to listen to while I’m getting the massage?”

“Certainly! We offer a range of erotic audio services. Would you like me to choose something for you, or would you prefer to browse the selection yourself?”

Amber decided to look through the selection for herself. She had always been curious about erotica and wanted to get a better idea of what was available. She browsed through the selection, eyeing the erotic descriptions and finding some stories that grabbed her attention. In the end, she chose a story called ‘The Secret Life of a Prostitute’, which sounded like it would keep her interested throughout the massage.

The receptionist smiled as Amber made her selection. “Very good. I’ll set everything up for you and your masseuse will be with you shortly. Enjoy your massage!”

A few minutes later, the door opened and a beautiful woman stepped into the room. She introduced herself as Emma and invited Amber to follow her to the massage room. Amber admired Emma’s lithe figure as she walked and wondered what her body felt like against her own.

The massage room was warm and inviting, with soft music playing in the background. Emma asked Amber to undress and lay on the bed, and then she began the massage. She used her hands to caress every inch of Amber’s body, from her legs to her back, then up to her shoulders and neck. Amber felt every touch and sighed with pleasure.

The massage got more and more erotic as it went on, and Amber soon found herself aroused. Emma moved her hands more intimately and caressed her inner thighs and breasts, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Amber lay back and enjoyed the feelings.

Emma encouraged Amber to speak out any fantasies she desired, and Amber let out all her naughty desires. She wanted to be dominated, spanked, fondled, and made to orgasm. Emma was skilled and eager to please, and Amber felt more aroused than ever before.

Finally, Emma asked Amber to turn over and began massaging her front. Amber felt so relaxed and aroused, her body almost limp from the pleasure. She imagined herself being taken in any way she desired, and felt a surge of pleasure run though her.

After a few more minutes of heavenly massage, Emma stepped away and left Amber to recover and relax. Amber lay back and smiled, savouring the afterglow of her experience. Not only had she been given a wonderful massage, but she had also experienced new and exciting sensations. She felt refreshed and relaxed, and excited for the next time.