Massage Parlours Seaureaugh Moor TR3

Massage Parlours Seaureaugh Moor TR3 had been a popular destination for those seeking relaxation and sexual pleasure alike for the past few years. The massage parlor was staffed by highly trained masseuses and delivered the best massage experience anyone could ever dream of.

It was even said that some people had experienced multiple orgasms in one session!

Today a new client had made an appointment for a massage at the parlor. His name was Scott and he was looking for some relief from the stress of his job. He had been working hard and it was time to finally relax and let his stresses just slip away.

Scott was led to a private room and asked to disrobe and lay down on the massage table. He could feel the tension leaving his body as the masseuse started to knead and roll her hands across his back. She had an incredibly strong grip and this was clearly a professional masseuse.

The masseuse then moved to his legs and feet, working out the tensile knots that had been built up after sitting at a desk for so long. She lulled Scott into a serene state of bliss as her hands worked their healing magic.

The relaxation that Scott was experiencing couldn’t have been matched by any other form of massage. He was so deeply relaxed that he started to drift off into a dream state.

That was when the masseuse started caressing and stroking his body with increasing amounts of pressure and eventually transitioning into a light massage. As the massage continued Scott felt himself becoming aroused, barely being able to contain his desire.

The masseuse sensed this and began to increase the amount of pressure she was using on his body, eventually focusing her attention on his more erogenous zones. She made sure to stay within the boundaries of the massage, but it was clear that her intent was to arouse him further.

Scott’s arousal grew to a fever pitch and he could no longer contain it. As the masseuse continued her work he couldn’t help but surrender to his desires. Unbeknownst to him he had stumbled into a massage parlor filled with sexual pleasure and it was here that he would experience the greatest pleasure he had ever felt.

The masseuse then added an extra service to the massage that Scott had forgotten about – a ‘happy ending’. Here at Massage Parlours Seaureaugh Moor TR3, the client could request for an extra service to finish the massage and this was what Scott was about to experience.

The masseuse straddled his body and started to caress his chest and stomach in a slow yet sensuous motion. She then moved lower and began to tease his shaft as she started to stimulate and bring him to climax.

As the waves of pleasure started to rise, Scott felt all his stress and worries leave his body. He felt pleasure and relaxation wash over him as their mutual pleasure reached its peak, leaving him feeling incredibly satisfied.

He stumbled out of the massage parlor with a dazed look and a smile on his face. Massage Parlours Seaureaugh Moor TR3 had just given him the best massage and the most amazing pleasure that he could have ever imagined.