Massage Parlours Selsdon CR2

Massage Parlours Selsdon CR2

Max was a regular at the massage parlours in Selsdon, CR2. He had been visiting them for years and had his favourite masseuses whom he would always book anytime he needed a massage.

Max was no stranger to the sex trade. He had been involved with prostitutes for the last few years and had built up quite a list of regular clients. He had no real interest in anything else besides a good massage – or a good fuck afterwards, if the situation presented itself.

On this particular occasion, Max had booked a session with one of his usual masseuses – a tall, attractive Thai woman named Paree. It had been a while since they had last seen each other and Paree was pleased that Max had remembered her.

As soon as he walked into the massage parlour, she could tell that he was in the mood for something extra. He had a certain glint in his eye that she knew all too well. She knew what he wanted and was happy to oblige.

Paree took Max through the usual massage routine, although this time it seemed to take a more erotic course. She started to massage his neck and shoulders with slow, sensual strokes, before moving on to his back and thighs. All the while, she kept eye contact with Max, making sure that he knew how much pleasure he was giving her.

When he was ready, Paree moved on to his groin area – first by lightly massaging the outside of his pants and then, slowly and slowly, edging towards the inside. Max was obviously aroused and very responsive to Paree’s touch, and before long, she could feel him shaking with anticipation.

Using her expert hands and her own body heat, Paree began to stimulate and arouse Max more and more until he was ready for something more. She licked and kissed her way down his body, eventually coming to a stop between his legs.

Paree proceeded to give Max an incredibly sensual and erotic massage, focusing on all of the most sensitive areas and bringing him to the brink of orgasm multiple times. By the time they were finished, Max felt completely relaxed, invigorated and satisfied in every way.

Although Max had been visiting the massage parlours for years, this particular experience was one he would never forget. He would always remember Selsdon, CR2 for the wonderful memories it provided him with, as well as for the pleasure it had brought him.