Massage Parlours Sheffield TR19

Massage Parlours Sheffield TR19

Anna had been working as a masseuse at the massage parlor in Sheffield TR19 for almost two years, and while she loved it she sometimes got a little bit too distracted by what some of the clients asked her to do. It was a small place, run by a friendly middle-aged couple who always made sure everything had an extra-special touch. The walls were painted in a bright green inviting color and there was even a large aquarium filled with exotic fish that served as a centerpiece for the main waiting room.

As Anna set up her station one fine Tuesday morning, her schedule promised to be rather busy. She was expecting five clients throughout the day, and besides giving them the most wonderful massage experience of their lives she was also primed to satisfy any naughty needs that some of them may have.

The first customer to arrive was an older man in his late forties or early fifties. He was rather handsome if a bit weathered, and he had a gentle demeanor that put Anna at ease right away. After introducing himself as ‘John’, the man chatted away while Anna massaged his neck and shoulders. Eventually the conversation veered onto the subject of sex, and in a very subtle way John asked Anna if she provided any adult services in addition to the massage therapy. She blushed, but told him he would have to wait and see.

As the session went on, Anna found herself getting more and more aroused by the way John was touching and caressing her arms and legs with his strong hands. Every now and then she would feel him brush his lips against her skin, and her heart would flutter with anticipation. She knew she had to keep her composure, though, as she didn’t want to let her emotions get the better of her.

Suddenly, John asked Anna to turn around so he could massage her back. She complied, closing her eyes as she felt his hard hands rub her spine. His fingertips worked their way lower and lower as his breathing began to get heavier and heavier. Before long, he had reached the base of her spine and was pressing his manhood against her. At this, Anna gasped – her body yearning for him to take things further.

Without saying a word, John pulled off his pants and flipped Anna onto her back before yanking down her panties. He then wasted no time in entering her, thrusting deeply as Anna moaned in pleasure. With her head spinning from the intensity of the experience, she clutched the bedsheets tight as she felt her orgasm approach. When it finally arrived, John let out a moan of his own and followed suit, collapsing beside her when it all was over.

The incident, while arguably enjoyable, left Anna feeling a bit uneasy. She knew that while nothing they did was technically illegal, her massage parlor would not be too nervous. This was further solidified when John attempted to lure her home so they could “finish what they started”. Anna quickly declined, insisting that it wasn’t the right place or time.

Much to her relief, the rest of the day passed without drama. The four other customers Anna was due to massage were all very polite and respectable, only making occasional requests to massage more intimate areas and nothing else.

By the end of the day, Anna was exhausted but content. She packed away her belongings, said goodbye to her colleagues, and headed home. As she walked, Anna reflected on what had happened. Part of her felt a sense of shame and guilt; another part felt proud of her sexual liberation. All of her, however, was immensely happy with the experiences massage parlours Sheffield TR19 had to offer.