Massage Parlours St Clether PL15

Massage Parlours St. Clether PL15 had been around for a couple years, but it had never really had the attention it deserved. People would come in and out, often never knowing the details of massage that was available. Until recently, that is. A new masseuse had opened up the massage parlour, and people were starting to see the light.

Violet was the name of the masseuse, and she had an incredible touch, as well as a mysterious air that lured people in. For those seeking relief of tension, be it physical or mental, Violet soon became the perfect choice.

Monica, who had been living in town for a year, had heard about the massage parlour and decided to give it a try. She had been dealing with extreme stress, and she wanted to try something that could help her out.

When she arrived, she was taken to the private room, where Violet was already seated. Monica took off her clothing and got comfortable under the sheets before Violet began her work. There was a full body massage, focusing mainly on the lower back and neck, followed by a slow and sensual massage. Violet used her hands to knead and pull out all the tension, while Monica’s eyes were closed and she felt the soothing touches on her skin.

The massage was glorious, letting Monica relax and benefit from the experience. At the end, Violet asked her if she wanted anything else, and Monica asked her to focus some attention on her breasts. She leaned in and allowed Violet to caress and massage them, providing sensual pleasure and gratification.

The time spent in the massage parlour proved to be exactly what Monica needed. She felt lighter and more relaxed, her stress melting away with each touch. She thanked Violet and was about to leave when she asked for the masseuse’s name again.

Violet smiled and said, ‘My name is Violet.’

Monica then asked if she could come back and see her from time to time.

Violet paused for a moment, before giving a silent nod. Monica then thanked her and left.

Monica kept going back to Massage Parlours St. Clether PL15 to see Violet, and their meetings soon began to take on a different flavor. If Monica felt discomfort or pain, Violet would use her hands to massage away the tension, providing her with much needed relief.

At times, Violet would add a bit of spice, teasing Monica and bringing out sensations that she did not know were possible. Monica soon found herself entranced with Violet, desiring her touch and devoting more and more of her free time to seeing her.

Soon, the two of them began to make special plans. Violet would prepare massage oils and special equipment, and the two of them would spend hours exploring each other’s bodies and discovering the pleasure that could be found.

At the end of each session, not only was Monica’s body relaxed, but her soul and emotions were also healed. She felt more connected to herself and the world around her, finding pleasure and joy with every moment spent with Violet.

Monica was more than a client at Massage Parlours St. Clether PL15. Violet had given her something special, and Monica was determined to hold onto it for as long as possible.