Massage Parlours Stratton EX23

Massage Parlours Stratton EX23

Geraldine had had enough of the dreariness of the day, the long commute and the mundane, stressful life. After all, what was the point of working so hard and leaving all your energy behind at the end of the day?

Geraldine decided that a massage therapy session was what she needed and searched for one of the massage parlours in Stratton EX23.

The massage parlour provided many different types of services such as engaging in all types of foreplay, providing a seductive massage experience, fetishes, BDSM, and other hinting.

Geraldine had never been to a massage parlour before and was a little apprehensive and embarrassed, especially since she had to go through the door, past a few people, and finally come to the reception desk.

Once she was admitted in, she was surprised at the variety of services and amenities available. There were couples massage rooms, single massage rooms, Jacuzzi, sauna rooms, and even a large video screens with an extensive selection of erotic and adult movies.

Geraldine booked a couple of hours with a female masseuse and went off to the couple’s massage room.

The masseuse was wearing a fishnet top, tiny shorts and a pair of high heel shoes. She welcomed Geraldine and immediately began to do a sensual massage.

The masseuse’s hands were warm and soft and her touch was gentle and relaxing. Nevertheless, as the massage progressed, Geraldine felt her excitement deepening. The masseuse flipped Geraldine and then began to focus on her breasts and buttocks, caressing and squeezing them. Then the massage became more intimate and Geraldine realized that her masseuse was also a prostitute.

The masseuse asked Geraldine if she wanted to be more intimate and enjoy the experience. Of course, Geraldine did and the two of them began to explore each other’s bodies.

Geraldine found that she was incredibly aroused by the experience, and her inhibitions and shyness disappeared as time passed. Eventually, she even allowed the masseuse to massage her genitals over her panties.

By then, Geraldine’s panties were soaking wet and she could hardly contain her excitement as the masseuse massaged her clitoris with her fingers. The masseuse then asked her if she wanted to do more and Geraldine accepted.

The two of them then enjoyed a wonderful night of pleasure with each other, exploring each other’s body and enjoying a wide variety of sexual positions. It was an amazing experience and one Geraldine would never forget.

Eventually they both fell asleep, exhausted and content. In the morning, after the sun had risen, Geraldine got dressed and left the massage parlour a different person. She already knew that she would come back to the same massage parlour, and that the experience she’d had was one that she wanted to enjoy over and over.