Massage Parlours Summerstown SW17

It was a Sunday night in Massage Parlours Summerstown SW17; the sun had just gone down and the street lights were coming on. I had been out for dinner with some friends, and on the way back, I decided to take a detour and check out the massage parlours.

I had heard about massage parlours from friends and the internet, and I was curious to find out what they were like. When I arrived, a man opened the door for me and welcomed me in. I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness and sophistication of the place.

The man led me to a room with several massage chairs and asked me to take a seat. He explained that I could choose from a variety of massage styles including Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, and Nuru. He said that I could even combine a few different styles together if I wanted.

After selecting the massage style I wanted, the man told me to take off my clothes and lay down on the chair. He then began rubbing my back, shoulders, and neck with oils and lotions. As he massaged, I felt my muscles easing and my tension slowly released.

When the massage was finished, the man asked if I wanted to upgrade to a “sex massage”. He explained that he could provide oral, tantric, and even anal services for a small additional fee. Although I had been curious about sex massage, I politely declined.

I thanked the man for his offer and asked for a regular massage. He began to massage my legs and lower back, and I felt myself getting aroused. I knew that I had made the right decision in not upgrading to a sex massage, as the regular massage was already giving me the pleasure and relaxation I needed.

When I finished my massage, the man asked me if I wanted to schedule another appointment. I said yes and asked him how much it would be. He told me that the regular massage would cost me $80, while the sex massage cost $120.

I thanked the man for his time, paid for my massage and left. I felt relaxed and energized as I made my way home, and I now look forward to my next appointment with Massage Parlours Summerstown SW17.