Massage Parlours Swiss Cottage NW3

It was a warm and sunny day in Swiss Cottage, NW3 when I decided to visit the local massage parlor. I’d heard good things about it, and I was looking forward to having an enjoyable experience. I arrived at the parlor just after noon, and was greeted by a warm and friendly receptionist who welcomed me in. I was shown to a comfortable massage room with soft lighting and calming music playing softly in the background.

The masseuse was an attractive lady in her mid-thirties with a body that had obviously been well taken care of. I was given a massage of the highest quality, and I felt the tension in my body gradually easing the longer I lay there. However, I soon realized that this massage was far from a straightforward massage.

As the massage progressed, I started to feel my lust rising and I could feel the masseuse’s hands caressing me in all the right places. The massage became even more sensuous when the masseuse started to work her way around my body, paying special attention to my erogenous zones. I could feel my heart racing and my body trembling as I realized what kind of massage I was receiving.

By the end of the massage, I was feeling incredibly aroused. The masseuse could sense this arousal and offered to finish me off with an intense and intimate sex massage, which of course I accepted. She then proceeded to massage my body using her hands and mouth, and I felt my pleasure increasing with every stroke and lick.

When the massage finally came to an end, I was exhausted and very satisfied. I thanked the masseuse for such a wonderful experience and then made my way out of the massage parlor. As I left, I felt a huge sense of relief, knowing that I had experienced something truly special and enjoyable.

I had to admit that sex massage parlours in Swiss Cottage, NW3 had a fully-deserved reputation for providing an incredibly sensual experience. If you’re looking for an afternoon of pleasure, then I can’t recommend this place highly enough. You won’t be disappointed!